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You will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for then please do contact us and we will give you whatever information you need.

This depends on which camera helicopter you wish to use. The AS350 B3 is the favoured helicopter for work with the Shotover K1 camera system. Rate for this helicopter is somewhere between £1200 and £1300 per hour + pilot. For the AS355 N and NP the rate is higher at £1400 per hour.

The twin engine helicopter is typically used for aerial filming over built up areas where two engines are required for safety. However the single engine AS350 B3 still has more power than the AS355NP and thus the B3 remain our favoured helicopter for aerial film work.

We are able to use the Shotover K1, F1, B1, M1, GSS and Cineflex. The K1 offers the widest range of camera payloads from the Alexa mini through to the IMAX camera.

The Aerial Film Company operates ten helicopters.

The Aerial Film Company operates under a CAA AOC (Air Operator Certificate) and also Part SPO. In addition to the flying approvals, we also have certification for long line camera operations and Human External Cargo, meaning that we can carry people outside of the helicopter e.g. standing on the skids of the heli, or suspended on a long line below the helicopter.

We use a number of carefully selected pilots all of which have screen experience. Camera pilots need to understand where to place the helicopter for the operator to get the best shot. A camera pilot must take into account many factors when flying the camera such as light, wind and speed of subject. For the most part our pilots are ex military or have come from film and TV production backgrounds.

Yes, we can fly our helicopters to anywhere in Europe/North Africa. In addition we also have a custom 40ft trailer that will carry the helicopter pretty much anywhere in the world. It can be loaded on to a ship for transit across oceans. Sending the helicopter by truck is obviously a lot more cost effective than flying. We will always weigh up the most cost effective method of getting a helicopter to set.

Yes, we have several drones with the most frequently used drone being the Freefly Alta 8. This can carry the Alexa Mini and the RED Helium/Monstro camera.

Yes. We are able to to source any picture aircraft from WWI fighters to modern business jets and airliners. In addition we can also source bucks for stage and gimbal work. For example our most recent project required us to source two identical aircraft. One an airworthy airframe in Jamaica for flying shots and a stage version of the aircraft for gimbal work at the studio.

Yes. We have an excellent team that deal with packing and shipping our aircraft. Options include shipping in a 40ft container, or sending by air in a cargo aircraft such as the IL76 or the Antonov AN124. Of course we are able to fly the aircraft to location then we will also look at that option too.

Yes, much of our on camera work involves an element of stunt flying. With careful planning and prep all manner of aerial stunts are possible. We tend to work closely with Directors and DoP’s to obtain the ideas and visions. We then go away and come up with a number of ideas that we know we can deliver and present them back to the team. They sign off on one they like and we make it happen. The challenge is always to do something that has never been seen on film before.

The Aerial Film Company have all the expertise to fly and operate the helicopters, drones and camera systems. Having said that, each production is slightly different. A film production may specify the Aerial Director of Photography they wish to use and we will bring that individual into the team; each project is different. Our in house team is a handpicked collection of individuals that we have worked with in the past and rated their abilities.

Yes. We can provide reference on our TV, Film, Commercial and Music Video work to date. Contact us for specific details.

Yes, we have a team who are experts in applying both permanent and temporary paint schemes to aircraft. Painting aircraft is all they do and so they are the best in the business.

Yes. We have a dedicated Operations Team who secure permits and exemptions. In addition we have a strong relationship with the Aviation Authority which also allows us a certain level of autonomy.

No. Our levels of planning, preparation and overall due diligence have ensured that we have never ever had an incident to date. We always strive to create the most spectacular stunts we can whilst staying safe. We always carry out extensive risk assessments and gain the required permissions for attempting a stunt. 

The aerial work on ‘Dunkirk’ was pretty awesome and also the work we recently completed on the new Bond movie ‘No Time to Die’. Some of the helicopter flying we have done for Bear Grylls was challenging, as was the live broadcast aerial work at sea covering Yacht races. In rapidly changing and rough weather it can be tricky to make out the difference between ocean and sky.

With our AOC yes we can fly cast and crew in the helicopters. For flights further afield, we can line up charter flights for crew. Senior crew will tend to use business jets for recce’s etc. A business jet can accommodate up to 15 passengers. For crew we can accommodate anything from 19 passengers up to 500 on long haul sectors + freight.

We are committed to preserving the planet for coming generations. Where possible we send our helicopter by road cutting our carbon emissions. Our custom built helicopter transporter is one of the latest designs with carbon reduction technology. In addition we are actively supporting tree replanting schemes in South America. Such projects reduce Carbon Dioxide by over half a million tons per annum.

We strive to work with the very best people we can in our teams. Race, sex and age do not affect the ability of an individual to work within our team. We use a persons skillset as our primary parameter in hiring them into the team. Clearly a helicopter pilot with only 50 hours experience will not have enough to fly on set for us. As long as an individual has the skill set and physical attributes to undertake the job then no other factors come into play.


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