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With the latest generation aircraft, we are one of the only helicopter providers within the UK (outside out of the military) with the ability, experience and safety standards to provide you with exhilarating and safe helicopter stunts. All our stunts are approved with the correct enhanced low flying and stunt permissions from aviation authorities.

Combined with highly skilled crew, who have extensive experience working in difficult and dangerous conditions, we can provide stunt aircraft and pilots throughout your production.

Our production history includes close low level formation flying, stunts over congested areas and in close proximity to explosions. In addition we’ve performed live helicopter rappels, long line performances and jumping from the aircraft. This includes stunts performed by a list of celebrities from the likes of Michael B Jordan, Anthony Joshua, Harry Styles, Warwick Davies and Bear Grylls.


The helicopter jump can take several forms. From the standard feet first jump, to a forward somersault, to a backwards, headfirst dive. At a stable hover 20-30 ft over the water, this stunt can be a daring challenge for contestants or presenters, or it can be used as a dramatic exit for a character or heroic entrance for a search and rescue team.

With the co-pilot seat, rear bench and doors removed on one side, enough room can be made for multiple actors, a camera operator and safety coordinator.

Helicopter jump stunt


One we famously used to make Harry Styles fly in his music video, Sign of the Times, the long line has now become one of our most performed stunts. From the belly of the helicopter, a long line is secured with a double redundancy safety system. At the other end, the actor is carefully secured to the line before they are gently lifted into the air.

The line can be various lengths and can be connected to the harness, either on the back or front, depending on the desired look for the stunt.

Helicopter Aerial Stunts Long Line


The helicopter skydive stunt is performed from a stable hover at around 10,000 ft. The jump itself can be done straight out of the cabin, or by hanging off the skids for extra tension.

We have performed this stunt as both part of the filming, and as a convenient jump vehicle that allows for rapid repeat jumps in locations without a runway. The helicopter can accommodate up to four skydivers per run.

Bear Grylls Helicopter Skydive Stunt


Used by militaries across the world for rapid insertions, the helicopter rappel makes for a dramatic entry for special forces, or a difficult challenge for contestants.

The rappel can be performed onto land, into water, into a boat, or even a scale model of Tower Bridge made of Lego®. It can be carried out from a single side, or both sides simultaneously and can be done from a range of heights.

Bear Grylls Helicopter Rappel Abseil




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