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Conscious of the difficulties production houses face organising logistics to remote, inaccessible or even multiple shoot locations, we offer a multitude of services beyond filming requirements to ease your workload and alleviate time constraints.

Certified with both AOC and aerial works permits, part SPO; we have the ability to provide helicopter charters throughout filming, transferring VIPs, key personnel, cast and crew. We can also transfer camera equipment safely using our utility load lifting equipment.

With a variety of helicopters in our fleet we can provide multiple aircraft enabling rapid redeployment to various sites throughout the day and saving large amounts of time on set.


There are several options for transporting equipment by helicopter. Smaller items can be loaded into cabin of the aircraft. The rear seats can be removed so larger pieces of equipment can be placed in the cabin.

For larger equipment, set pieces and props (up to 1,100kg), an under slung line can be attached to the belly of the helicopter and lifted to location. Equipment can be securely carried in a cargo net or for very large pieces, strapped directly to the line.

Helicopter long line lifting jet ski


We are fully certified to carry passengers in all of our helicopters. Capable of carrying up to five passengers, we can transport cast, crew and VIPs to new filming locations or accommodation. Transporting cast and crew by helicopter to different locations is perfect for meeting tight filming schedules and deadlines.

In addition to helicopter transfers, we can arrange transport in everything from business jets to larger passenger aircraft capable of carrying hundreds of people.

As355 helicopter for equipmement transfer


At The Aerial Film Company we remain committed to reducing our carbon footprint to neutral. In line with our sustainable approach to future business, we’ve had built a bespoke transporter to move our helicopters, camera systems, drones and downlink equipment. It allows us to be anywhere in Europe in two days and we can be further afield in three to five days.

Our transporter burns 35 litres of fuel an hour with latest state-of-the-art emission reduction technology; the helicopter burns 220 litres an hour. When electric truck technology becomes a viable option for long distances, we will reduce this aspect of our emissions to zero. 

It takes just 30 minutes to unload and be ready to fly. Once the helicopter is unloaded the trailer doubles up as a playback facility, workshop and aerial unit base. During the winter months, positioning a helicopter to location can prove difficult due to weather, we can deploy all assets to set and be on task when planned. This addition to our asset list reduces costs for production, emissions and takes uncertainty out of the equation. We will be there no matter what the weather.

aerial film company truck in the news



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