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Masters of the Air


During WWII, five miles above the ground and behind enemy lines, ten men inside a bomber known as a “Flying Fortress” battle unrelenting flocks of German fighters.

Masters of the Air was a dream project for us. With our passion for aviation, it was an honour to have such a big involvement in the retelling of the story of the 100th Bomb Group. We supplied production with many of our services, including our Shotover K1 and AS350 helicopter for both air-to-ground and air-to-air work at Abingdon airfield to capture the home-base of the B-17 Squadron. Further work was provided at Hinton Aerodrome, shooting skydivers with our Shotover K1 with a Sony Venice and Angenieux Optimo 36-435mm.

Additionally, we spent many weeks capturing aerial VFX plates with our Hammerhead VFX array and AS350 B3E under the supervision of VFX supervisor Stephen Rosenbaum. This involved a trip throughout the UK, capturing clouds and coastlines and a 10 day mission through europe to capture historically accurate background plates of many of the missions flown from the Thorpe Abbots airbase during the second world war. We captured high resolution aerial plates in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Masters of the Air also saw us collaborating with Airborne Films, utilising their TBM camera aircraft with our Shotover F1 to shoot P51 Mustangs in the sky above england to be used in some of the episodes of Steven Spielberg’s and Tom Hanks’ spectacular new series for Apple TV+.

We’re excited to see the show perform so well on Apple TV+ and hope you enjoy watching is as much as we did making it.


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