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Our Projects

Transformers: The Last Knight


The next film in the massive Transformers franchise was filmed over the course of 2016. We provided some of the aerial filming as well as one of our AS355’s being turned into a helicopter gunship. Our roles taking us to the Isle of Skye, Salisbury and central London, flying the camera helicopter and picture ship.

The shoot at Salisbury involved filming over a set of Stonehenge with two Blackhawk helicopters in close proximity, low level flying. This shoot also had us flying low and close to pyrotechnics that involved careful planning and precise flying.

In London, two of our AS355’s flew in close formation down the River Thames, flying by The London Eye, Westminster and over Tower Bridge. We also filmed high performance sports cars racing through the streets and over London Bridge. This required extensive planning and safety meetings in order to gain permission from the CAA.


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