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The Aerial Film Company offers an all-encompassing range of aircraft services to the film and television industry. Our aerial filming services form the heart of our operations, benefitting from our large fleet of aircraft and highly versatile line-up of gyro-stabilised aerial camera systems.

Helicopter stunt - Helicopter jump

Hover Drop

The Hover Drop takes place around 20-30 feet above the surface and involves a stunt-man or actor jumping into the water below. The rear doors and seats of the helicopter can be removed to accommodate a camera operator or additional actors for any given scene. The Hover Drop requires special permissions to be granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), however our strong track record of performing these stunts safely for years means that this is usually achieved in a timely manner.


Suitable Helicopter: Airbus AS355

Expert Crew: Only specifically trained pilots will conduct Hover Drops

Safety: Twin-Engine Helicopters are used for safety purposes

Coordination: We work with stunt coordinators to make sure all stunts are performed to the highest safety standards.

Human external sling load Operations for Ultimate Hell Week

Human External Sling Load Operations

One of our most frequently performed stunts, the long line makes for a spectacular visual. The line is attached to the underside of the helicopter and features a double redundancy safety system. Once the helicopter is airborne, the actor or stunt-man is carefully secured to the other end of the line and gently lifted into the air. The line can be various lengths and can be attached either to the front or rear of the subjects harness. This can be worn under the actors or stuntman’s wardrobe/costume.


Suitable Helicopter: Airbus AS350, AS355

Expert Crew: Only specifically trained pilots will conduct HESLO.

Safety: Double redundant safety system

Coordination: We work with stunt coordinators to make sure all stunts are performed to the highest safety standards.


The helicopter skydive stunt is performed from a stationary hover at around 10,000ft or from a chosen altitude by stunt/skydiving coordinators and jumpers. Jumps can be performed straight out of the cabin, or by hanging off the skids before letting go. Using a helicopter for skydiving gives more flexible jump timing and allows for repeat jumps in areas that lack a nearby airfield. Up to four skydivers can be accommodated per jump-run.


Suitable Helicopter: Airbus AS350, AS355

Expert Crew: Only specifically trained pilots will conduct Skydive sorties.

Safety: Skydive specific briefings and risk assessments before any jumping commences.

Coordination: We work with specialised skydiving and stunt coordinators to make sure all stunts are performed to the highest safety standards.

Helicopter Rappel/Abseil

The helicopter abseil makes for a spectacular entrance. It can be used to land special forces or SWAT Teams into hostile locations on land, into water or onto a boat. The length of the rope can be adjusted to suit the scene or effect that needs to be achieved.


Suitable Helicopter: Airbus AS355, AS350

Expert Crew: Only specifically trained pilots will conduct Abseils and Rappels.

Safety: Double redundant safety system.

Coordination: Task specialists will oversee operations from inside the cabin.

Special Operations Platform

Achieve a greater level of exciting and dramatic aerial stunt performances with the introduction of our ‘Tyler Specialist Operations Platform’. Unparalleled to any other, we are the first in the UK to deliver this product for our aerial film and stunt services. The perfect way to create a dramatic entrance for a special operations team on a serious mission for a film or series. Take a seat on the outside of a helicopter whilst it soars through the air.


Suitable Helicopter: Airbus AS355 & AS350

Expert Crew: Experienced pilots will ensure safe operations

Safety: Tethered attachment to Special Operations Platform

Coordination: We work with stunt coordinators to make sure all stunts are performed to the highest safety standards.

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How do I book your services?

Contact Us either through email or via telephone and one of our team will get back to you right away. Our Ops team is always on hand to guide you through the process of booking any of our services needed for your production.

What cameras can you fly?

We can fly all commonly available cameras currently in use across the industry. Be it the latest digital cinema cameras, film cameras or even IMAX, our systems can accommodate payloads of all different shapes and sizes. Head over to our services page for a breakdown of common payloads we fly.

Where are you based?

Our main helicopter base is in Knutsford, Cheshire in the north of the UK. We have helicopters positioned all across the UK which allows us to match the right machine to the job. International operations are achieved by either ferrying our helicopters across by air, in our Helicopter Transporter or by using one of our trusted helicopter partners abroad.

Can you operate abroad?

We certainly can and we love it, too. We have a lot of experience operating in countries all over the world. Recent productions took us to South Africa, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Norway, the Arctic circle and the middle east.

Can you fly in bad weather?

Our aircraft are all-weather capable. However, low clouds and fog can provide issues for helicopters departing and arriving at private landing sites such as unit base or on location. Our camera systems are also all-weather capable and we can provide rain spinners for the lens. Best results however are always achieved when no precipitation is present at all.

What about permits and flying permissions?

We have decades of experience when it comes to obtaining the relevant permits and permissions for helicopter operations. We are also one of the very few helicopter operators in the country with a permanent Enhanced Low Flying Permission, bringing our minimum separation and altitude down to 200 feet from the standard 500 feet required. Beyond that, permits are secured on individual application to legally allow us to perform operations in close proximity to structures, people and vehicles. Our operations team has years of experience working with the Civil Aviation Authority to get the permits required for even the most challenging shoots.

Can you operate on location for extended periods of time?

We take care of all the logistics required for extended periods on location. Our fuel bowser keeps aircraft flying all day, whilst our fire truck and fire fighters keep operations safe. All weather covers and tie-downs mean we can keep our aircraft on location overnight, ready to start filming at sunrise the next morning.

Can you arrange last minute helicopter charters for talent/crew?

We understand the sometimes hectic and last minute nature of the film industry all too well and will do our very best to accommodate urgent requests for any of our aircraft services. An entire fleet of aircraft at The Aerial Film Company means that we can usually get you a helicopter without delay. The best thing to do is contact us right away via email or telephone.